Return to Center Mailbox System

Testimonials From RTC Mailbox Customers

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Kylee B., Payne, OH

More than just a clever play on words, the Tattle-Tail saves me running out to the mailbox to see if the mail is here, only to find out it's not yet. And with winter upon us, I love it even more.

Uniontown, OH

Winter of 2009 was our first winter in our house. Our mailbox was hit by the township plow drivers 5 or 6 times during that winter. They'd hit the mailbox a couple of times and our repairs would be less and less successful each time. We replaced it twice during that time since we were unwilling to wait until the township came around and repaired all of the mailboxes it broke, an expense it endures every year.

Then we purchased the RTC system and eventually topped it off with a heavy-duty rural mailbox. Winter 2010-2011 was particularly brutal and we live on a mostly-straight stretch of road that folks drive way too fast on. Our mailbox is as far off the road as the post office allows- farther back and she won't deliver the mail, she says. Despite this, our mailbox has been hit an estimated 13 times since we installed the RTC system. A couple of times it's been hit with such force that I've had to climb through the neighbor's fence to retrieve the mailbox and the top part of the post from his cow pasture. But it's easy to pop that part back on the remaining post.

The box is a little bit dented at this point (understandably so) and I've occasionally had the perverse pleasure of throwing away what's left of someone's side-view mirror, but the box has survived and our mail service has never been interrupted.

There are few products out there which will receive such high accolades from me and I'm disinclined to take the time to write to the company that makes a product I've purchased, but the RTC system works so well that I've made an exception. We thought it was a little expensive when we decided to purchase it, but we hoped that it would permanently fix an on-going problem and we feel that it has done that and done it really well. Thank you for designing such a successful product. Considering the winter that is being forecasted, we expect it will get a good workout this year as well, but we expect to be one of the few houses on the street that will still be getting their mail.

Mary Lou
B., CT

Thirty years ago your customer service would have been considered excellent. But in 2013? It is well above excellent, almost unbelievable. Thank you!

Charles K.
St. Louis, MO

The system was very easy to assemble and install. Only took 20 minutes to get it in the ground. I mounted the paper box on a wood block to position it at the height I wanted.

Enclosed in the first picture is two mail boxes, The distant box is my neighbors, She liked the looks of mine so well, she wanted one like it. I installed both systems with a paper box alongside.

Thanks again for a great product.

Debi L.
Park Rapids, MN

We LOVE LOVE LOVE your system! Installed just as easily as you said. I will take a digital picture of it and send you. (We got a hand painted mailbox to go with it!)

Thanks ever so much again!

C. Nicholas
Findlay, OH

WOW, I come home from a week long vacation from 01-30-2011 to 02-07-2011 and find out that there has been 14 inches of snow, heavy ice and wet snow and my mailbox is fine. This is second winter with your great invention. My neighbors all have theirs mailboxes either completely down or broken apart from the snowplows doing their job. NOT MINE. It is standing tall and ready for the next big winter blast. Thanks again.

Betty B.
Williamstown, WV

I finally got my mailbox installed. My regular maintenance person had me on his list but then hurt his back. It seemed as though he wasn't going to be able to install the mailbox, so asked a friend if he thought he could. He viewed the video and said it looked easy. He came out, and though it was 95 degrees and no shade, had it installed in a very short time.

I'm very pleased with it and hope it does the job it was designed for and hope particularly that the snowplow driver will be able to see and avoid it when winter comes.

Van Wert Bedrooms
Van Wert, OH

This mailbox eliminated the problem of snowplows knocking down the mailbox and the swing arm eliminates he need for employees walking in the street to get the mail. On a busy street that is a safety issue that has been eliminated.

Nick and Lynette M
Van Buren, OH

The winter of 2008-2009 in Northern Ohio was one in which we saw several large and intense snowfalls. I installed this mailbox system because I was tired of always fixing my old one. I have previously had to repair or replace it many times because of vandalism and damage from snowplows. This system is working great for me. I no longer wonder when going out to the mailbox if it will be destroyed or not. Thanks for a great product.

Robert R.
Van Wert, OH

From start to finish, it took me 17 minutes to erect this mailbox post! The augured post worked well. My rental storage business is on a busy city street and the feature I like the best is we don’t have to go into the road anymore to get the mail. We had several close calls and were always leery especially if the road was snow covered or icy. This last winter the neighboring business on both sides of mine had their mailboxes knocked down but mine was still standing and looking good. P.S. I liked it well enough I recently bought one for the house too.

Eric and Melissa M.
Marysville, OH

I replaced our mailbox in early spring but was concerned about the ground still being frozen. Your post system made short work of the task. I was completely done in 20 minutes! It took longer for me to remove and backfill the old post! This truly is a revolutionary product. No tool installation, no digging, nice looking & durable.

Ann and Wes V.
Columbus, OH

We live in a suburban neighborhood and just installed the Return-to-Center post and mailbox last spring. Our old wooden mailbox was falling apart, leaning, and lending a crappy look to our “curb-side appeal.” We have to praise you for the ease of installation of your system. It took a total of about 20 minutes…I was sure we’d be out front half the morning trying to get it in the ground, but thank you, you are true to the claim of “easy installation”! Since we live in the city, snow plow problems are not an issue, but it sure is nice not to have to step into the street to get our mail. Thanks for a well built product that is sure to look good for many years to come!

Lynn M.
Stockbridge, GA

I received the Return-to-Center kit earlier this afternoon! I'm really happy with what I've received. It's exactly as represented on your site, which is AWESOME.

One week later: I wanted to let you know how thrilled and absolutely tickled I am with my Return-to-Center Mailbox! Honestly, every time I get my mail, I can't help but chuckle about how totally cool it is. Have you considered marketing on Home Shopping Network or QVC? I bet you'd get thousands of orders from just one broadcast.

As I was getting the mailbox installed, my neighbor kept saying, "Why didn't somebody come up with something like this a long time ago!" Thank you so, so much for this new and amazingly innovative and defensive concept.

Curt and Carolyn M.
Reading, MI

I was impressed by the strength and quality of the post. I did encounter a problem the first time I tried to install the post in sandy and rocky soil as a stone got stuck in the auger when it was about half way in and prevented the post from going any further. I removed the stone and redrilled the post to the 2' depth with no problem. I installed the post and mailbox in about 18 minutes. Not too bad for being 83 years old. You have a great product and we wish you well.

Adam J.
Van Wert, OH

Really nice product. This would make a great housewarming gift for someone near or far.