Return to Center Mailbox System

Six Ways to Instantly Increase Curb Appeal for Your Home

Let’s face it.  If you are seeking to spruce up your yard for Summer to increase curb appeal for an upcoming sale, then the basics like mowing the lawn or painting the interior only go so far.  Curb appeal is important for a house because it creates the first impression that most people see and fall in love with before stepping out of the car.

Here are six ways to immediately boost curb appeal that most people overlook:

  1. Mailbox Post Upgrade.  If you are fortune enough to pick your own mailbox, then you can easily add a benefit to your house with a Return-to-Center mailbox system.  Whether your potential buyer is a snowbird that understands the pain of replacing a mailbox or new to the experience of constantly have to buy another mailbox post, a mailbox system that is both attractive and resistant to weather, bad drivers, and vandals is a big plus.
  2. Flower Up the Place.  Is your house bare of inviting flowering trees and plants?  Seasonal flower beds and tress can provide a rainbow of color and pop that delights potential buyers.  Some people plant fruit bearing trees to increase buy value of their house using foliage.  The biggest benefit is the yearly yield of edibles that represent healthy choices like apples, pears, and oranges.  Remember, flowering and fruit bearing foliage needs upkeep to stay attractive just like the grass.
  3. Elevate Exterior Fixtures.  When upgrading fixtures around your house, many people only replace the lighting.  Consider other additions that visitors touch and use during every visit like knockers, door bells, handles, and house signs.  These are finishing elements that provide a pulled-together appearance without requiring huge investments.
  4. Declutter the Yard.  In the attempt to make the yard attractive, many people add bird baths, trellises, and lawn statues.  Although these can be expressions of your personality, for new visitors too much clutter in the yard detracts from the overall appearance and attractiveness of the property.  Most buyers are programmed to like neat and tidy.  Freeing up the yard from dated benches and stone sculptures can give the front walk extra appeal.
  5. Decorative Pavers.  The walkway and driveway to your house are visual invitation to knock on your door.  If these walkways or pavers are cracked, missing, or faded, then the buyer might assume the same neglect about the house.  Pressure washing the pavement or pavers leading up to your door are the path to creating a good buyer perception.
  6. Open a New Door.  Buyers will see your front door twice during their visit.  When they first walk up to enter your house, they will be greeted by you (or the agent) as they step into the house.  As they leave the house, many buyers will linger on the front porch by the door to discuss details.  Your door should be as pleasing as possible as it represents the gateway to your home that is visible from the curb and from the interior of your house.

Your ultimate goal is to sell your house and make the best impression possible without spending a fortune on extras.  The important thing is to give the buyer the belief that you went through lots of trouble and were careful with the details.  This impression translates into the overall look and feel of the property without spending too much money.