Return to Center Mailbox System

About the Return-to-Center Mailbox Post System

Rotating Return-to-Center Mailbox Post

  • No more straightening, repairing, or replacing the mailbox and post every year
  • No more unsightly and difficult buffer boards to put up every winter
  • A mailbox system that can stand up to snowplows and vandals
  • No need to rent a P.O. Box anymore
  • Designed to meet FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) Guidelines

Return-to-Center presents a specially designed (patent pending) ROTATING mailbox post assembly that will "get out of the way", defy the perils of nature, vehicles, vandals, and the formidable snowplow. The Return-to-Center mailbox post assembly can be installed by one person in 30 minutes or less, generally without digging and using only a few common household tools (measuring tape, hammer or mallet and screwdriver).

The Complete Return-to-Center Mailbox Post System includes:

Return-to-Center Mailbox Post Parts

Here is what you receive

  • Return-to-Center rotating mailbox post (black post).
  • Universal Mounting Bracket - adjustable to fit all styles and sizes of mailboxes (mailbox sold separately)
  • Auger and auger rod for quick and easy installation
  • Decorative round top post cap on a 30-inch rotating mounting arm
  • Options include: mailbox, address sign, sign mounting brackets, post extension if installing on a slope, newspaper tubes, MAIL Tattle-Tail and more. 

Parts List

  1. 4' augured ground post
  2. 5/8" steel auger rod
  3. Standard ground post extender w/attached roller pin assembly
  4. Rotating self-centering pipe assembly w/attached 8" receiver post
  5. Universal Mounting Arm and Bracket - fits all styles and sizes of mailboxes (under 25 lbs)


Our Manufacturer

The Return-to-Center mailbox post systems are being manufactured and shipped by Baker Built Air Wings, Inc.  in Ohio City, OH.