Return to Center Mailbox System

Four Ways the Return-to-Center Mailbox System Pays for Itself

RTC Mailbox Curb Appeal

If you live in a high traffic area or place where the rumble and appearance your local snow plow signals the beginning of winter every year, then you know the frustration of repeatedly replacing your mailbox and post.  You have probably experienced the difficulty of trying to replace a mailbox post in frozen ground also.

Let’s face it – your average mailbox and post costs about $40 to $60 depending on the type mailbox you buy.  Most people pick the cheapest mailbox they can buy because, after all, the mailman is just going to drop some bills or envelopes in it.  During the holidays, perhaps your mailbox might need to do double duty as a receptacle for light packages and an abundance of cards, but the only time many people think about their mailbox is when it is NOT there.

So, why should you spend extra money to buy a top of the line mailbox post system?

Well, the answer gains clarity when you think about your mailbox as an investment.  When you consider that your mailbox stands outside of your house every day in all types of weather, and subject to the external forces of the snowplow and vandals it is surprising that you don’t need to replace your mailbox more often.  

Here are four ways a Return-To-Center mailbox systems pays for itself:

  • Vandalism.  In past days, vandalism included eggs thrown at a front porch or toilet paper in trees.  Now, vandals use baseball bats to dislodge and destroy mailboxes.  Although there is a specific law that addresses mailbox vandalism as a criminal offense, several states see a regular rise in the purchase of new mailboxes.  If you purchase a sturdy Return-To-Center mailbox system, vandals will be surprised at how much punishment your mailbox will withstand and go away.
  • Mother Nature.  Floods.  Snowstorms. Without doubt, the number of mailboxes damaged due to inclement weather follows weather patterns.  Sometimes that weight of snow causes a mailbox to cave in or the rush of a flood can sweep it away.  When your mailbox is flexible enough to move with the winds and weather, it is less likely to be damaged.
  • Dangerous Jobs.  Many mailboxes fall victim to errant drivers every year, but snowplows and other heavy equipment are deadly to a stationary mailbox.  Snowplows intent on creating a safer roadway for stranded drivers can (and do) knock basic mailboxes right off of their posts.
  • Teen Drivers.  Every year, there is a new crop of teen drivers that readily mix inexperience with too much time on their phone.  From texting to taking selfies of themselves behind the wheel of a car, mailboxes are right in the line of fire for the front end of cars.  Return-To-Center systems shrug of damage from teen drivers by pivoting to get out of the way.

Although we cannot say that you will never need another mailbox system, it is far less likely that you will need to replace your Return-To-Center mailbox because it really moves out of the way and it is built to withstand abuse.  Whether the threat to your mailbox is a driving snowstorm or a driving social media addict, your Return-To-Center mailbox system will pivot to move out of the way and stand up to unintentional (and intentional) attacks to save you the money and effort of replacement.


Return to Center Mailbox System