Return to Center Mailbox System

Things You Must Consider When Picking Out a Mailbox

For many people, a mailbox is simply a place they meet the mailman once a day to collect a stack of bills and advertisements.  Usually, people only consider a mailbox when they have to replace it.  While replacing a mailbox might seem as easy as making a trip to the local Home Depot to pick out a white, brown, or green box with a red flag.  Although it might seem easy, the reality is that not making the correct mailbox might mean several trips over the next few years for a replacement.

Whether you live in an area where snowplows are as common as blades of grass or your mailbox is the constant recipient of abuse from local pranksters, here are a few things to consider when picking out your next mailbox:

  • Style.  If you live in a planned housing area, then it might seem like the world is restricted to brown or green aluminum mailboxes.  In fact, there are other types and styles of mailboxes that withstand different elements.  If you consistently receive large packages or bundles of mail, then you might consider an oversized mailbox to add ease to your delivery and provide space for all of your parcels.
  • Durability.  Especially in rural or weather diverse areas, the durability of a mailbox is a vital feature to consider if you don’t want to keep replacing it.  If snow plows and large trucks are frequently speeding past your driveway on their way to complete a job, you are probably familiar with the sight of a crumpled mailbox.  A Return to Center mailbox system will easily pivot to get out of the way of traffic and weather.
  • Installment.  Have you ever installed a mailbox?  Some mailbox systems have more parts than a baby crib and twice as many directions.  A good mailbox system will be both easy to install and include clear instructions on the process.  With a small number of tools, you should be able to install your own mailbox no matter easily and without help.
  • Features.  While it is easy to think of a mailbox as a simple receptacle of mail, some people need extra features for their mailbox like address signs, tattle-tails, and newspaper tubes.  Address signs in many areas are required by law for Emergency Medical Services.  As well, many handicap and elderly people need a tattle-tail to let them know that that mail has arrived.  Newspaper tubes are a great way to receive your daily paper without blocking your mailbox.

A mailbox needs to be both an attractive and a functional addition to your house.  With some forethought about your needs and expectations for your mailbox system, you can avoid replacing your mailbox for many years to come.