Return to Center Mailbox System

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How The “Return-to-Center” Mailbox Post System Came To Be

snowplow resistant mailbox post system

While traveling from northern Ohio to southern Michigan in late winter several years ago, we were astonished to observe the number of mailbox posts knocked down, leaning severely or otherwise heavily damaged rendering them unusable. Most had sustained substantial damage as a result of winter weather and primarily as a result of snowplowing or vandalism.

As we were just beginning construction of a new home on busy U.S. St. Rt. 224, we considered what the consequences of this kind of damage would be. Such as, how do you replace a mailbox post in the frozen ground? What about mail lost or missing? Would we need to rent a post office box and make a daily trip to the post office until our mailbox could be replaced?

We decided a mailbox post system that was simple in design but attractive, with minimal surface area (low profile), easily installed, and would rotate out of harm's way when necessary and then return to the proper road orientation would do the job. After researching the existing market and not finding a suitable product, we decided to build our own. Trial and error and several design changes later, the result was the “Return-to-Center” mailbox post system that achieved our objectives. We believe it can and will do the same for you. Thanks for considering our product.

Clem and Joan Moser

P.S. The Return-to-Center mailbox post system is an unusual and imaginative gift. It is practical and functional and the perfect gift for difficult to buy for business associates, family or friends. It is a great gift for Christmas, wedding presents, new homeowners, graduation, and many other special occasions.

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