Return to Center Mailbox System

The Return-to-Center Mailbox Post System

rotating mailbox post system

The Return-to-Center Mailbox Post System with Universal Mounting Bracket and Standard Mailbox
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When the mailbox post assembly is impacted by snow, vandals or other forces, it rotates in either direction out of the way. It will then "Return-to-Center" and automatically find its way to the desired road position. It is generally installed without digging in 30-minutes or less. 

Complete Return-to-Center mailbox post system (black post) with auger and auger rod. NEW Universal mounting bracket fits most styles and sizes of mailboxes! Decorative, tall, round top on the rotating arm (self-centering pipe). Standard (T-1) mailbox in your choice of color: gray, white or black. If you would like to use your own mailbox, you can choose "no mailbox" and get a $10 credit. *New double mailbox option available for $239. Visit our store for details.

Mailbox Type/Color:
Standard steel mailbox: Black, White, Gray (other options are available)

Return-to-Center Mailbox Post Parts

Optional Ground Post Extension:
The standard Return-to-Center Mailbox Post System comes with a 24-inch ground post extension which will place the finished height between 42 and 46 inches to the bottom of mailbox when installed on ground level with the roadbed. If additional length is needed because the ground post must be installed in a ditch or elevation significantly (approx. 6-10 inches or more) lower than the roadbed, we offer an optional 30-inch ground post extension and/or a 36-inch optional ground post extension.


Why the Return-to-Center Mailbox Post System is right for you:
  • Rotates out of the way of snow plows and careless drivers.
  • Minimizes damage caused by weather and vandalism.
  • Automatically returns the mailbox to the desired road centered position.
  • Safety for the elderly, children, and you. Retrieve mail without entering the roadway. No need to climb over sloppy or icy and slick snow ridge.
  • Mailbox safely swings out of the way if impacted by bicyclist or vehicle traffic.
  • Attractive and functional design.
  • Quick and easy installation. Generally without digging and no shovel or posthole digger required.
  • Strong, aluminized steel construction provides durability and years of rust free care.
  • Mailbox post "cement free" installation yields increased safety for vehicle drivers and occupants.
  • Baked powder coat painted finish for years of appearance protection.
  • Simple design: Only two moving parts assure long lasting trouble free use.
  • Safety and ease of mowing or trimming; simply rotate mailbox out of your way.
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