Return to Center Mailbox System
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Finally, a mailbox and post system that will "Get out of the way!"

Mailbox Post Solutions and More, dba Return-to-Center, introduces a complete mailbox and post system that is generally installed in 30 minutes or less, without digging, that is snowplow resistant, vandal resistant and will "get out of the way" whenever necessary and then automatically return to the desired road position.

Its classic good looks and simple design enhance your curb appeal while its proven performance and rugged construction assure you worry-free use. 

The heavy-duty aluminized steel pipe that has been used to fashion this all metal* swinging mailbox post and the tough powder coat painting we have given it, will assure you of many years of unfailing service.

*The roller bearing is industrial grade nylon and the two post end caps are LDPE polyethylene.

MAIL Tattle-Tail

Save a trip to the mailbox with our mail alert flag. The MAIL Tattle-Tail goes up when the mail goes in. Its bright color makes it easy to see from a distance. Free shipping.

Newspaper Tube

Order a newspaper tube if you’d like a dry spot for your newspaper! It attaches directly to the side of your mailbox and complements the Return-to-Center Mailbox Post System. Free shipping.

Check out our mailboxes too!

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What is it all about?

  • Some say it is a rural route mailbox post system that "rotates."
  • Some say it is a "swing away" or "swinger" mailbox post system.
  • Others call it a "break away" mailbox post system.
  • We don't care what it is called as long as it will "get out of the way" and minimize the impact damage of vehicles, vandals and snow plows!

Why is it right for you?

  • Rotates out of the way of snowplows and careless drivers.
  • Minimizes damage caused by weather.
  • While no mailbox system can be prevent vandalism, the Return-to-Center design is very vandal resistant especially when used with a heavy duty (i.e. Tuff Body) mailbox.
  • Designed to automatically return the mailbox to the desired road centered position.
  • Retrieve mail without entering the roadway for added safety.
  • No need to climb over sloppy or icy and slick snow ridge.
  • Mailbox safely swings out of the way if impacted by bicyclist or vehicle.
  • Lawn mowing and trimming made easy... Simply and safely rotate the mailbox and mounting arm out of the way.
  • Attractive and functional design.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Strong, aluminized metal construction provides durability and years of rust free care.
  • Mailbox post "cement free" installation yields increased safety for vehicle drivers and occupants.
  • Baked powder coat painted finish for years of appearance protection.
  • Simple design: Only two moving parts assure long lasting trouble free use.
  • There are no springs or complicated hardware